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We make seeing a GP in regional Australia easy.

We're a team of GPs committed to providing quality care to patients in regional and rural Australia. We leverage technology to make seeing a doctor easy no matter where you are.

Dr Ramu Nachiappan – Founder

While .doctor looks shiny and new, it all really started thirty years ago in Broken Hill – in the far west region of outback New South Wales.

For 30 years our Founder has practiced as a General Practitioner in Broken Hill providing care to patients from all backgrounds. Across this time, the number of GP practices in rural and regional Australia has declined. Access to doctors is at an all-time low. Worse still, access to bulk-billing doctors is almost impossible. 

That’s where .doctor comes in. 

Our hybrid practice combines yearly in-person appointments on-the-ground with unlimited bulk-billed telehealth appointments all year round, allowing patients to connect with a GP easily. 

Our telehealth GPs live all across the country and provide quality care to our .doctor family members in regional and rural Australia.

We see our patients as members of the family and provide the same long-term care online as we do in person.

Coming to a town near you soon.

We’re available right now for in-person Onboarding in select areas across regional Australia. 

Find out if we made it to your town so you can schedule an Onboarding appointment at a clinic near you. 

Our family values.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing high quality and affordable care, in the most simple way possible.


We’re here for you all-year-round, so you receive continuity of care. Always.


You’ll be bulk billed with us. Always.


We leverage cool apps to make connecting with a GP easy. Always.

We're new, but growing fast to keep up with demand.

We were founded in 2023 and are just getting started. We’ve onboarded thousands of Australians into the family and have a team of 12 GPs providing appointments 7 days a week for bulk-billed video and phone doctor consults.


.doctor family members


GPs available to book

Ready to access unlimited bulk billed GP consults?

Schedule a time for your in-person Onboarding Appointment so you can gain access to unlimited bulk-billed video consults for the next 12 months.

Join the .doctor family to access unlimited video and phone consults with Australian online doctors, fully bulk billed. 

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