Specialist referrals, bulk billed.

All .doctor appointments are fully bulk billed, so you can get a specialist referral with no out-of-pocket costs. 

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How specialist referrals work.


Schedule Appointment

Become a .doctor family member to gain access to unlimited bulk billed telehealth GP appointments, then schedule an appointment for a time that works for you.


Speak with a GP

Connect with a GP for a short video or phone consult to discuss your situation and if suitable a referral will be prepared for you


Delivered Instantly

Your specialist referral is sent directly to you via email as a PDF. We can also send it to your preferred specialist too.

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More than just instant specialist referrals.

When you join the .doctor family we create a health profile for you which our GPs all refer to and update. So each time you interact with us we’ll keep a record.

This allows our GPs to give you the best advice – more than just a referral. 

What script are you after today?

Your .doctor GP can provide referrals to all specialists.

It’s just like having a consult with a face-to-face GP. They’ll have access to your medical history and information from your in-person Onboarding Appointment to provide you with quality care.

  • Skin

    Dermatology Referral For Acne
    Dermatology Referral For General Skin/Mole Check

  • Eyes

    Ophthalmologist Referral For Cataracts
    Ophthalmologist Referral For Diabetes
    Ophthalmologist Referral For Glaucoma
    Ophthalmologist Referral For Age-Related Macular Degeneration

  • Colonoscopy

    Gastroenterology (Colonoscopy) Referral For Initial Screen
    Gastroenterology (Colonoscopy) Referral For 3–5-Year Follow-Up

Ready to access unlimited bulk billed GP consults?

Schedule a time for your in-person Onboarding Appointment so you can gain access to unlimited bulk-billed video consults for the next 12 months.

Join the .doctor family to access unlimited video and phone consults with Australian online doctors, fully bulk billed. 

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