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Let us help you in your weight loss journey.

We understand that losing weight can be a challenging journey, and we are here to help you every step of the way. If you’re struggling to shed those extra kilos through traditional methods such as diet and exercise alone, weight loss medication might be a suitable option to consider.

Weight loss medication can be a valuable tool to complement a healthy lifestyle and aid in achieving your weight loss goals. These medications work in various ways, but generally, they help by:

  1. Suppressing appetite: Some medications help reduce feelings of hunger, making it easier to control food intake and stick to a calorie-restricted diet.

  2. Increasing metabolism: Certain medications can boost your metabolism, enabling your body to burn calories more efficiently.

  3. Blocking fat absorption: These medications prevent the body from absorbing a portion of dietary fat, reducing the overall caloric intake.

  4. Improving insulin sensitivity: For individuals with obesity-related insulin resistance, specific medications can enhance insulin sensitivity, making it easier to manage weight.

It is essential to remember that weight loss medication is not a quick fix and should always be used in conjunction with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle modifications for the best results. Our experienced doctors at .doctor will evaluate your unique medical history, overall health, and weight loss goals before recommending any medication to ensure it is safe and effective for you.

What treatment options are available for people wanting to lose weight? At .doctor, we offer comprehensive weight loss management solutions tailored to each patient’s needs. Our treatment options include:

  1. Personalized weight loss plans: Our expert General Practitioners will work closely with you to create a personalized weight loss plan that considers your health conditions, lifestyle, and preferences.

  2. Dietary advice and counseling: Our team of dietitians and nutritionists will provide you with practical and sustainable dietary advice, helping you make healthier food choices and develop long-lasting habits.

  3. Exercise recommendations: We understand the importance of physical activity in weight management. Our doctors will guide you on suitable exercise routines that align with your fitness level and goals.

  4. Behavioral therapy: Changing behavior patterns and habits is critical for successful weight loss. Our psychologists can provide behavioral therapy and support to address emotional eating and other psychological factors related to weight management.

  5. Weight loss medication: If appropriate, our doctors may prescribe weight loss medications to supplement your efforts and improve outcomes.

What weight loss medication is available in Australia? In Australia, several weight loss medications are approved and available under prescription. These include:

  1. Orlistat: It works by blocking the absorption of dietary fat in the intestines, reducing the number of calories absorbed.

  2. Phentermine/Topiramate: This combination medication helps control appetite and increase feelings of fullness.

  3. Bupropion/Naltrexone: This combination medication targets brain pathways involved in regulating food intake and appetite.

  4. Liraglutide: Originally used to treat diabetes, this medication has been found to aid weight loss by increasing feelings of fullness and reducing food intake.

It’s important to note that weight loss medications have potential side effects and may not be suitable for everyone. Our qualified doctors at .doctor will carefully assess your medical history, current health status, and medication tolerance to determine the most appropriate weight loss approach for you.

If you are struggling with weight management or considering weight loss medication, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our compassionate and knowledgeable team of General Practitioners at .doctor. Together, we can embark on a safe and effective weight loss journey tailored to your unique needs. Remember, a healthier and happier you is just a click away!

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