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What is Contraception?

At .doctor, we’re committed to making your journey simple and accessible. Our team of dedicated, professional, and bulk billing GPs are available to support you in all aspects of your healthcare needs, including matters related to sexual and reproductive health. 

Contraception, also known as birth control, is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy. The choice of contraception largely depends on your health, lifestyle, relationships, and future family planning needs. It’s a way of giving you control over when, or if, you want to become pregnant.

Contraception methods can also offer other health benefits, like managing menstrual symptoms or protecting against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It’s important to remember that not all forms of contraception provide STI protection, so a combination of methods may be needed for comprehensive protection.

Contraception Options in Australia

At Dot.Doctor, we can prescribe a wide range of contraceptive options tailored to your specific needs. These include:

  1. The Combined Pill (Oral Contraceptive Pill): This contains both oestrogen and progestogen hormones and needs to be taken daily. It can also help with heavy or painful periods, acne, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

  2. Progestogen-Only Pill (Mini Pill): This contains only one hormone, progestogen, and is often suitable for those who cannot take oestrogen.

  3. Contraceptive Implant (Implanon NXT): This small, flexible rod is inserted under the skin in your arm and releases a constant dose of progestogen. It can provide contraception for up to three years.

  4. Intrauterine Device (IUD): There are two types available – the hormonal IUD (Mirena, Kyleena) and the copper IUD. The hormonal IUD releases progestogen and can last for up to five years, while the copper IUD releases copper to prevent pregnancy and can last for up to ten years.

  5. Contraceptive Injection (Depo Provera): This is a progestogen-only injection that provides contraception for up to 12 weeks.

  6. Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing): This is a small, flexible ring that’s inserted into the vagina and releases a steady dose of oestrogen and progestogen. It needs to be replaced every month.

  7. Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill): This is used after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure to prevent pregnancy. It’s most effective when taken as soon as possible, ideally within 72 hours.

  8. Barrier methods: These include condoms (male and female), diaphragms, and cervical caps. These methods often require correct and consistent use, and they are the only methods that can provide protection against STIs.

Your Dot.Doctor GP can help guide you to the most suitable contraceptive method, considering factors such as your health, lifestyle, and whether you plan to have children in the future. It’s important to remember that most contraception options do not protect against STIs, so using condoms in addition to other methods is often recommended.

Don’t hesitate to connect with a GP today to discuss your contraceptive needs and any other health concerns. At Dot.Doctor, we’re here to ensure your health journey is personalised, seamless, and accessible, no matter where you are in Australia.

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