Request pathology and blood tests, at no cost.

All .doctor appointments are fully bulk billed, so you can get a bulk billing pathology and blood tests Australia with no out-of-pocket costs. 

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How pathology requests work.


Schedule Appointment

Become a .doctor family member to gain access to unlimited bulk billed telehealth GP appointments, then schedule an appointment for a time that works for you.


Speak with a GP

Connect with a GP for a short video or phone consult, fully bulk-billed, to talk about your situation and they will determine what tests are required.


Delivered Instantly

Your pathology request form is delivered directly to you by email. You can then take this form to your local pathology lab.

Online medical certificates with video consult -

More than just pathology requests.

When you join the .doctor family we create a health profile for you which our GPs all refer to and update. So each time you interact with us we’ll keep a record.

This allows our GPs to give you the best advice every time – more than just a pathology request form. 

What pathology request are you after today?

When you meet with your .doctor GP for your initial request for a script, they’ll ask you a few questions and consider what is the best medication for you.

It’s just like having a consult with a face-to-face GP. They’ll have access to your medical history and information from your in-person Onboarding Appointment so can provide informed care.


Scripts Available

Ready to access unlimited bulk billed GP consults?

Schedule a time for your in-person Onboarding Appointment so you can gain access to unlimited bulk-billed video consults for the next 12 months.

Join the .doctor family to access unlimited video and phone consults with Australian online doctors, fully bulk billed. 

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