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Some things can’t wait. Check to see if you can skip the in-person onboarding appointment and book instantly with a GP today.

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Check your eligibility for bulk billed GP consults

If you need to speak to a doctor about the following or are in an area impacted by natural disaster, you can book a bulk billed video appointment immediately.

Natural Disasters

If you’re in an area that has been impacted by a natural disaster from floods, fires or storms, you’re eligible to Skip Onboarding to discuss any health issue.

View eligible locations

Womens health

Contraception, menstrual Issues, menopause management and the ability to have a safe and satisfying sex life. The ability to have a child and have a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy baby.

Mens health

Issues related to sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and difficulties with sexual arousal or orgasm 


If you’ve tested positive in the last 7 days with Covid-19 you are eligible to schedule an appointment with our GPs immediately for any health concern, including medical certificates. 

Ready to book an appointment?

If you’re wanting to speak to a GP about anything eligible to skip the onboarding appointment, go ahead and book in a bulk billed video call with a .doctor GP now.

How video appointments work.


Schedule Appointment

Schedule an appointment with a GP. Select from hundreds of appointments available every week.


Receive Video Link

You’ll receive a link to start the video call by both email and SMS before your appointment. You can open this link on your mobile device or a desktop computer.


Attend Appointment

At the time of your appointment click on the video link to start the call with your GP. If you have any technical difficulties, your GP will try giving you a call on your mobile. 

Some things can't wait.

That’s why there’s a Medicare exemption to the requirement of having seen one of our .doctor GPs in-person before you can book your first appointment. 

I need to talk to a GP today, how do I book?

Jump over here to schedule your appointment and select the reason you can skip onboarding during the booking process. 

How quick will I get the prescription?

If your .doctor GP prescribes medication, you’ll receive an SMS sent to your mobile with an e-prescription QR code while still on the call with your doctor. 

This can be used at any pharmacy in Australia.

How much does it cost?

We’re fully bulk billed, always. 

You’ll never have to pay to use .doctor.

Do I need to attend an onboarding appointment first?

If you want to see a doctor about any of the matters listed on this page, you can skip the onboarding appointment and book a video appointment with one of our GPs today. 

For any other general health concerns, you must attend an onboarding appointment before you can book in for video or phone consults. 

Have more questions?

Jump over to our Help Centre to learn more about booking appointments. You can also start a Live Chat conversation with us so we can help you.

Join the .doctor family to access unlimited video and phone consults with Australian online doctors, fully bulk billed. 

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