What is a Health Profile?

Our doctors communicate with each other to give you the best care.

When you join the .doctor family you can access to unlimited bulk-billed video and phone consults. Given we have a team of doctors working every week, no matter which GP you book in to see, they will always have access to your latest health inforamtion. 

Shared medical history

Every .doctor GP can view your medical history, including any existing conditions or allergies. This allows you to focus on the reason for the appointment, not having to bring your doctor up-to-speed. 

Instant repeat prescriptions

Repeat scripts can be sent instantly to your mobile as an eScript SMS by your doctor. This means getting a repeat script is easy and can be done as a simple phone consult.

Ongoing quality care

Your doctor may make notes on your health profile for future GPs to follow up on in your next appointment. This can be super helpful for getting results from blood and other pathology tests.

Up to date information

Your profile is stored securely so no matter which .doctor GP you have booked in to see will always have your latest health information at their fingertips.  

Keeping your health information secure.

We have partnered with Telstra Health to provide our clinical software.

Our website is supported by billion-dollar security infrastructure – ensuring data is backed-up across two Australian data centres and meets stringent Australian privacy standards.

These rigorous security frameworks ensure your health information is securley protected.

It all starts at your Onboarding Appointment.

Your Onboarding Appointment is an opportunity for us to get to know you.

Once every 12 months you’ll need to attend an in-person Onboarding Appointment to remain an active .doctor family member.

In this appointment we’ll ask you about your medical history, check your vitals and discuss your lifestyle. This all forms the start of your health profile and is used by our doctors when you schedule video or phone appointments. 

Enjoy unlimited video and phone consults, bulk billed.

Once you’ve attended your in-person Onboarding Appointment you’ll have access to unlimited video and phone GP appointments for the next 365 days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to attend an in-person appointment?

Medicare eligibility rules require that you see one of our GPs in-person every 12 months in order for Medicare to pay for your appointment.

What does it cost?

All our appointments are fully bulk-billed to Medicare, so as long as you have a current Medicare card you will never have any out-of-pocket costs.

Where are you located?

We’re currently rolling-out across regional Australia with in-person clinics available in select towns. View all our locations here.

Who are the doctors?

Every .doctor GP is an AHPRA-registered & fully-insured doctor based in Australia who adheres to the highest clinical standards. Your doctor’s provider and prescriber number will be written on any prescription or referral given.

Who can use .doctor?

Anyone in Australia with a Medicare card can attend an in-person Onboarding Appointment. Only those who have attended an in-person Onboarding Appointment can book telehealth (video or phone) appointments.

How do I get a prescription online?

Once you’ve joined the .doctor family and attended your in-person Onboarding Appointment you can request a prescription by booking a video or phone appointment and asking your doctor on that call. Your script will be sent by SMS instantly to you.

Join the .doctor family in 3 easy steps.


Create your free account

Answer a few questions and register to schedule your initial In-person Onboarding Appointment.


Attend one in-person appointment

See one of our GPs face-to-face at a location near you for a quick Onboarding Appointment.


Enjoy unlimited video & phone consults

Access unlimited bulk-billed video and phone consults with our team of GPs for the next 365 days.

Ready to access unlimited bulk billed GP consults?

Schedule a time for your in-person Onboarding Appointment so you can gain access to unlimited bulk-billed video consults for the next 12 months.

Find your nearest location

Join the .doctor family to access unlimited video and phone consults with Australian online doctors, fully bulk billed. 

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